The Benefits of Different Home Heating Systems

Home maintenance can feel overwhelming. After all, your home is a big responsibility and it’s a lot of space to cover.  And if you don’t stay on top of it, repairs could be even more time consuming; not to mention expensive.

However, caring for your Eco Furnace HVAC system doesn’t have to be complicated. As a matter of fact, by knowing which types of systems you can choose from—and then installing the right one—will definitely make it easier to maintain your system.  Knowing which type of system to use provides a variety of benefits, depending on the one you choose.


First and foremost, if your home has a fireplace you have a lot of control over the indoor temperature.  Of course, they require quite a bit of maintenance (as you need the chimney to remain clear so the smoke can effectively escape).  Other benefits of a fireplace include:

    • wood burns cleanly and that is great for the “green” minded
    • some fireplaces use natural gas, which can also be more cost-effective than electric heat
    • a fireplace can also act as a kind of centerpiece to your living room, providing your home with more character


Boiler systems, of course, rely on a large boiler, which is typically in the basement.  These are known to be very reliable and are more common in very large, industrial and residential buildings like apartments.  But even though they have long been effective, they are not as common as they have been in the past. The benefits of a boiler include:

    • Boilers use steam to heat so they tend to be cleaner than electric and oil-based heatersImage result for The Benefits of Different Home Heating Systems
    • Steam heat is also more cost-effective


If you have ever been in a home with an air handler-based HVAC system, you probably noticed immediately. That is because these systems provide high-quality air filtration and comfort control.

    • Most air handlers already come with built in air filters. This ensures your home is not only cool and comfortable (in the winter, of course) but also that the air is free from dust, allergens, and other contaminants
    • Many air handler systems also have a built in humidifier control, something that is quite useful in drier climates and during colder weather when air is often more dry than in warmer weather
    • when you properly circulate your inside and outside air it ensures the best air quality in your home

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