How Our Communities Can Benefit from Green Waste Management

Everyone is talking about going green and sustainability, but does anyone actually think about going green in terms of waste management? We have green initiatives that reward homeowners and businesses for installing solar power and recycling bins are seen all over our major cities, but what about all that other waste that could be toxic and our landfills being literally filled beyond capacity? Here are a few thoughts on green waste management which many communities may want to consider.Garbage, Container, Trash, Waste, Recycling, Bin

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It All Begins with Local Waste Infrastructure

We have all been hearing that term a lot these days; the need for updated infrastructure that our country is so in need of. On a local level, our communities need to revamp their waste infrastructure and one suggestion has been to implement a better system of collection, those who haul (along with the equipment necessary to do the hauling in a safe manner), and a better end disposal site. Perhaps a way of separating biodegradable waste from non-biodegradable waste could be instituted and hauling vehicles specially designed by companies like TruckXpress would be used to haul loads safely to the end of use disposal sites. Going green is about more than disposal sites, it’s the entire process by which waste is disposed of and then recycled if at all possible.

A Look at King County, Washington’s Food Scrap Processing

One county in the United States has a very clear solutions for processing food waste. King County, the county in which Seattle is located, has implemented a very clear-cut method of disposing of, and processing, food scraps. These facilities are organized to process scraps which are collected throughout the county and one of the major benefits is keeping landfills to a minimum. Again, the entire infrastructure of a county would need to be revamped because collection and disposal would follow very precise guidelines, but it would enable the recycling of a greater amount of waste that is simply taking up space and causing untold health issues around the world.

Education is the Foundation of Green Waste Management

Always being on the cutting edge of sustainable living, the King County Solid Waste Division suggests that at the very heart of a green waste initiative would be education. Not only would the county government need to be educated in processes used in green waste management but businesses and consumers would need to learn new ways of ‘thinking.’ It takes a huge concerted effort to revamp an entire infrastructure, but it can be done, as King County has proved, and it goes a very long way towards saving the ecology that is more endangered by the day.

Living green is about so much more than just how we power our homes, offices and vehicles. It’s an entirely new way of thinking and living which also involves waste management. Our landfills have long been overfilled and in some areas, solid waste is being put on barges and carried out to sea – the final destination is anyone’s guess! If you are in a position to help institute a waste management change in your local area, this would be the place to start. Reorganization of your infrastructure, a separation of waste disposal methods and facilities and public education. If you are truly interested in green living, waste is an integral part of the process. It is an often neglected area but one that is truly in need of restructuring. If you are truly concerned about the environment, this is how you can truly be a part of the solution.

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