5 Doable Tips to Go Green Positively

When people hear the term “Go Green”, they tend to turn away from the idea because they believe it is a life changing concept. But it does not always mean serious changes in one’s lifestyle. Going green is simply tweaking some practices that seem excessive. The reason being to minimize practices that indirectly impact the environment. It is also a way to inform people to be cautious and discerning when it comes to the care of the environment.

5 Simple Tips to Help People Go Green Positively

#1 Install Dimmer Switches
If the monthly electrical bill seems excessive, findways to cut energy consumption. First check if the light system uses energy efficient bulbs. If not, change lamps to LED based bulbs that consume 75% less energy compared to a conventional incandescent bulb. Or better yet, use dimmer switches for more reduction in the energy bill. Butbear in mind that dimmer switches are applicable only to LED, incandescent lamps and not on CFL lamps. Although, light energy is only up to 5% of total consumption, effort to contain energy use goes a long way in the drive to ‘Go Green’.

#2 Insulate the Hot Water Storage Tank
Another energy guzzler is the home water heater. The cost to use the water heater is usually dependent on the occupant’s habits but approximately it amounts to 12% of the overall home energy bill.Some habits that shoot up the energy use include constant use of heated water for various purposes and if the bath tub is preferred over shower. There are certain ways to cut energy use though. Avoiding long hot showers is one. And another method that contributes greatly is insulating the hot water storage tank. It allows heated water to stay hot for some time and deters the heating element to operate every time a faucet is opened.

#3 Install Programmable Thermostat in Homes
Heating and cooling energy used in households is the single most expensive expenditure. It adds up to around 59% of a household energy consumption. As the weather is unpredictable, it results also in temperature swings inside homes. To protect homes from varying temperature swings, a programmable thermostat is necessary to cut on energy costs without sacrificing comfort.

#4 Keep Windows Open When Weather Permits
During summer, relying excessively on air conditioning places a lot of strain in every home’s utilities and is a major energy drain. Instead of switching on the air conditioning unit every time the temperature rises, why not allow fresh outside air to come in. Make it a habit to keep the windows open as often as possible when the weather permits. This reduces the amount of energy wasted.

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#5 Use of the Computer’s Sleep Mode
Whether in homes or offices, there is no reason to keep the computer running extensively. Break the habit of switching on the computer for an indefinite period. When not in use, allow the computer rest by activating its sleep mode or standby function. Only minor use of electricity is expected when the computer is in sleep mode.

There are still other practices that can help people “Go Green” positively. Even some are money saving too like opting for reusable party essentials rather than buying one-time use products every time; buying items in bulk that saves on packaging and reduces price per item; and choosing where to buy reliable toner refill kits online to replenish empty printer cartridges to cut printing costs by 50%.

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